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Horizontal scrolling

I have just created a library to hold family data and transferred a number of records from my Yojimbo database. Several of these are rtfd files, obtained as downloads from census records. Looking inside the packages, I find that the main part is a gif file accompanied by a small txt file. EagleFiler has no difficulty in displaying them. And I can scroll through each record vertically but I have not found a way to scroll horizontally. This is an issue because EageFiler only displays about half the graphic image even when zoomed. Yojimbo could not scroll horizontally either but it did display the entire graphic (this was illegible but became legible when zoomed).

I find that EagleFiler does provide horizontal scrolling for landscape pdf files. Am I missing something for rtfds? I have tried importing the gif element alone but this doesn’t work (not unexpectedly). Any ideas? I could, I guess, convert the gif elements to, say, pdf or jpg format. Would that enable horizontal scrolling?

EagleFiler does not provide horizontal scrolling for RTFs; instead it tells the text engine to wrap the text to the current window width. You can, however, double-click the document to view and edit it in TextEdit, which provides a bit more control over margins and zooming.

Thanks. I had tried TextEdit, it too doesn’t allow horizontal scrolling and in the case of these particular rtfds a full zoom on a 24 inch screen doesn’t show the whole record. Since posting I have found a work-around - extract the gif from the rtfd, convert to pdf, add to EagleFiler library and scroll up/down & sideways freely. Now if only I could write an applescript to do this …