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hotkey capture from Opera


I’m using Opera as my default browser. Would it be possible to add hotkey capture for Opera the same way as there is for Safari? I get an info window telling me to write my own AppleScript, but since I’m just about a month into my Mac experience, I don’t now how to do it.


Sorry, that’s not possible because Opera isn’t sufficiently scriptable. You could drag the URL onto EagleFiler or print the window and choose “Save PDF to EagleFiler” from the PDF button.

I’m starting to realize that I might have to abandon Opera as my first browser. I am very satsified with it, on Windows, but obviously I’m missing a lot of OS X-functionality with it.

But I’ve found a workaround thank’s to EagleFilers Import URL’s-command: When I view a page I want to save as a web archive in Opera, I mark the url, bring up Quicksilver and append that url to a txt-file called “to eaglefiler.txt”. I then open that file, copy all the url:s to the clipboard, enter EagleFiler and presses Cmd-L.

I’ll try this for a while, to see if that’s speedy enough.


But an option to import url:s from a txt-file would help, of course. Even better if everything in that file would be deleted after a successful import. Perhaps a “markup language” for url imports, either from Cmd-L or my suggested file import, would help as well: <title> <url> <tags> or somthing similar.

That seems overly complicated. How about copying the URL to the clipboard. Then use Quicksilver (or your favorite script runner) to run this AppleScript:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    set theURL to the clipboard
    tell library document 1
        import URLs {theURL}
    end tell
end tell

Also, Opera supports services, so you could select the URL and choose Opera > Services > EagleFiler > Import URL. And there are utilities that will let you assign the service a keyboard shortcut.

Ah. Thanks for the utilities tips!

Is there a way to “Capture with Options” from Opera?

Unfortunately, since Opera does not support AppleScript, Capture and Capture With Options won’t work with it.

I made a search for Applescript in Opera’s discussion forums, and there are (limited?) support for it in the browser. What parts does EF need to support Capture “natively” from Opera?

As far as I can tell, Opera has no AppleScript dictionary, and its Info.plist file does not indicate that it supports AppleScript.

It needs to be able to get the URL of the selected tab of the frontmost window.

According to this thread there seem to be some hidden support for Applescript in Opera, it only needs to be activated. Since I know nothing about this stuff, is this enough to have capture supported in Opera? Either officially, or by some hack on my side?

Thanks for the link. It should be sufficient to put this file in the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Capture Scripts/

It is. Thanks!

The Opera capture script is built into EagleFiler 1.3.3.