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How to name a "Save PDF to EagleFiler"

Hi Folks - looking for some help.

I receive frequent emails that I want in EagleFiler. I’ve had some issues importing them as email to I went to printing the email via Save PDF to EagleFiler. All the emails have the same subject so I am looking for a way that allows me to rename the file/ subject when I save without going into EagleFiler after the import. Any thoughts?


Perhaps it would be better to get the e-mail import working for you. What sort of issues did you encounter?

There’s currently no built-in way to do that, but it should be possible to write an AppleScript PDF service that prompts you for a filename.

The emails would import and appeared to be fine but upon going back into EagleFiler a bit later, a number of them would come up as a missing file or when highlighted would have nothing in them.

Regardless of that issue, since all the emails had the same subject line there was no way to tell them apart without looking at the contents. I need only to save them for the historical value so I figured importing as PDFs would be best.

I’ve been using EagleFiler for a while now but want to make more use of it’s capabilities.

That probably means the import proceeded normally, but then you rearranged the library folder outside of EagleFiler. To prevent this sort of problem, files should be moved and renamed only using EagleFiler.

Thanks for the response, I’ve been consumed with other things so haven’t had a chance to reply. I did not rearrange the files outside of EagleFiler. The only thing that was done was viewing the emails in DevonThink (indexed to the EagleFiler Library). Would that cause the issue?? I am testing DevonThink for other needs.

No. The issue would be caused by moving or renaming files or folders.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The only actions with the email files imported in EagleFiler were:

  • viewing in DevonThink
  • backup via TimeMachine and / or Crashplan (online)

I imported emails and tried viewing in DevonThink multiple times and got the same results …?

Are you saying that if you make a new library, import some e-mails, and view them in DEVONthink you get an error?

Well - I was using an existing but - yes.

I suggest that you get your library to a good state, such that clicking on the Records source and choosing Verify finds no errors. (Or, you could start a new library.) Then try to isolate which subsequent step you are taking that is causing the Verify to fail.