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How to recover from corrupted Contents.db

What is the best way to recover from the following error:

11/8/11 7:29:21.342 AM EagleFiler: CoreData: error: (11) Fatal error.  The database at /Volumes/user/Documents/Crafts/Crafts.eflibrary/Contents.db is corrupted.  SQLite error code:11, 'database disk image is malformed'

Should I create a new library and import the files? I understand that the metadata is all backed up – how do I recover from those backups?


The procedure to rebuild a library is essentially to create a new library and import the files. It will automatically preserve the metadata from the XML backups.

Or, if you haven’t rearranged the files recently, you could perhaps just recover a recent Contents.db from Time Machine. This might have slightly newer metadata than the backups.