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How to restore the selected-position in Record list?

How to restore the selected-position in Record list?

EF seems to clear the selected-position in Record window which record was selected just before closing EF window.

In order to examine the content of record (which was imported in old days), I often select and view record one by one via scrolling up and down in Record list window.

Next time after closing/opening EF window, I have to scroll again for finding the previous position. This is a bit handy especially if I start to examine from the last-examined record (deep in Record list).

In the case of tag, last-selected tag may be restored just as I expect.

This may be just for my environment(OSX 10.5.8, EF 1.4.14), however, I appreciate to get any advice or hint.

EagleFiler does not save the records list selection to disk, but I can add that as a feature request. (It does save the source list selection.)

Yes, Please
Make this a pref for the program, so that it can be turned off and on. How about adding this pref to the library, so we can do it on a library, by library basis.

Could you give an example of why you want to turn it off on a per-library basis?

I was just thinking that I might have a library that would not want to preserve a record position history. Maybe it is some kind of security limitation. (I know that it seems far fetched, but I work with the government and they have some weird rules.) Having it on a library by library basis would allow me that flexibility if I needed it for that esoteric reason.

EagleFiler stores the selection state with the library, not in the preferences file, so if you’re concerned about security and had an encrypted library, the state would also be encrypted.