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How to search when using "icon" view for toolbar


If I choose the text view for the toolbar items (or omit the search icon/field in icon view) I don’t see a way to search the database.

Using the command-F or option-command-F key combination doesn’t appear to produce anything.


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I don’t really understand your question. On my Mac, choosing Icon Only for the toolbar does not hide the search field. As in other Mac applications, choosing Text Only for the toolbar does hide the search field, as does removing it from the toolbar. Are you expecting to change the toolbar to Icon mode when you press Command-Option-F?

You don’t understand because I’m an idiot.

I meant text view, not icon view. Original post corrected.

If I choose text view, how can I bring up a search field?

Right now you have to change to Icon mode to see the search field. Perhaps I can change it so that if you press Command-Option-F in Text mode it will automatically switch to icon mode.