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How to specify web import format in AppleScript?


I’m writing a very simple AppleScript to import the current tab in EF as a bookmark. Everything works but for one small detail: I don’t know how to specify the capture format. My default is “web archive” (which is what I want when I hit the “import” key), but for these I would like “bookmark”.

I looked at the examples and the AppleScript dictionary, and could not find how to do this. (But then I may have missed it, just like last time.) Is there a way to specify the url import format in AppleScript?



There’s currently no way to do this with the normal AppleScript import command, although you could probably use AppleScript to tell your browser to execute the JavaScript for the relevant bookmarklet.

The bookmarklet seems like the ideal solution. Is there a syntax to specify the tags? (I tried “&tag=” and “&tags=” but it did not work.)

No, there’s no way to specify tags, although you can tell it to bring up the options window and then add them manually.

The goal is to be as frictionless as possible. I guess I’ll just use the bookmarklet for now, and manually add tags when I review my unfiled records.

Could I suggest the following feature request: be able to specify the format of URL import when using AppleScript?



Yes, that’s already on the to-do list.

This is now possible with EagleFiler 1.5.4.