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How to use EagleFiler for a bit big library?

My EagleFiler library size reaches up to 10000 and with 9.2GB (103 MB of eflibrary).

Recently, I noticed that EF often start to copy tags to Spotlight automatically and this process may request additional waiting time (5-10 seconds).

And so, is there any way to start this copying manually?
For example, I wish to start this for every 1000 increment of records (10000, 11000, 12000, 13000, …).


You can start it by choosing Backup Metadata, however it should never be necessary to do this manually. EagleFiler copies the tags right away as you make changes, and it also checks all of them periodically automatically. There is no relation to the number of records.

Sorry for my sketchy explanation.

EagleFiler often start to copy tags to Spotlight even when EagleFiler finished everything (import, reindex, back up metadata).
Copying tags to Spotlight happens after 3 - 16 minutes later from that state (apparently unexpected timing, say opening other application like Ecto, iTunes, Safari).
Every time when it happens, I have to wait for finishing this process around 5- 10 second.

This happens only for my environment?
Is there my wrong setting (preferences) for EagleFiler?

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After writing previous post, I found the following messages fluently in the system-log:

Jul 11 01:24:35 Macintosh [0x0-0x3c03c].com.c-command.EagleFiler[527]: SugarSyncCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x17387770 )SugarSyncCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x17387770, 0x1e681634, 0xbfffd466 )
Jul 11 01:24:35 Macintosh [0x0-0x3c03c].com.c-command.EagleFiler[527]: Not the Finder!
(I installed SugarSync in my iMac, however, didn’t open it in this case.)

This may be related to unexpected timing of copying tags to Spotlight?


When SugarSync Manager.app was activated at first, many files on the desktop were marked by SugarSync. Until now, some of marked files were imported to EF library.
Moreover, I installed SugarSync.app onto iPad.
I observed that ‘copying tags (metadata) to Spotlight …’ happens in an unexpected timing for EF, however, this timing may coincide to the syncing between iPad and iMac via iTunes.

And so, I uninstalled SugarSync from both iPad & iMac, and then, I cannot encounter unexpected ‘copying tags to Spotlight’ until now.

I cannot explain whether this app is related to this issue or not. Maybe, much more complicated situation exists behind this.

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Like I said, EagleFiler checks the tags periodically to make sure that they are still correct. It does this after a certain amount of time and when it isn’t busy doing something else.

Copying the tags happens in the background. You don’t have to wait for it to finish. And you can turn copying off in the preferences if you want.

This looks like a bug in SugarSync. It’s probably harmless, though.

I don’t see anything unexpected about the timing. I think you’re imagining a problem where none exists.

However, I should note that it will take longer to copy the tags to Spotlight if they’ve been removed from Spotlight. I generally recommend Dropbox over SugarSync because SugarSync is not as good about preserving metadata.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

I will not write about this issue any more because:

  1. I never met ‘unexpected timing’ after uninstalling SugarSync, and
  2. I don’t have enough knowledge to clarify whether this issue is only my imagination or not.

Thank you again.

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I live with EagleFiler comfortably. Size of my library reaches up to 12000 items (11600 webarchives) with 11.4 GB (123MB of eflibrary ) and importing-time is wandering around 4 - 8 seconds.

When I open my library (main), I can see the progress bar via Activity window as follows :

  1. main:Loading record dates with iCal-like icon,
  2. main:Indexing records (Records.efindex),
  3. main:Indexing notes (Notes.efindex) .

‘Loading record dates’ seems to be unfamiliar with me and I may see it recently.
This action is truly with EagleFiler?
If yes, where EagleFiler loads this?
I cannot find any *****.efindex.


“Loading record dates” means that EagleFiler loads the creation date and modification date of each file for display (and sorting) in the records list. These dates are stored in the filesystem metadata for the files.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

I am fully relieved to get your answer.

Best regards,