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I love the update

As usual, you have made EF even better.
EF is faster and more responsive with my large, extremely large librarys.
eg. I had just completed an import of over 7000 files into one EF library when you posted the new update was available.

After importing, I didn’t wait for the older version to index the files because it said it would take 50 min for the initial indexing. I installed the update and it only took 15 mins or so to index the huge data base of files, web pages, etc.
(I only have 500 ram on my imac)

Also, I liked being able to look around in the library before the indexing was complete.

I’d also like to mention that taking files out of the folders on my hard drive and importing them into EF does take time… but once it is complete, EF layout makes seeing what I have much much eaiser.

Thank you for your hard work.