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import corpus and rules

I am new to spamsieve and am confused about the import corpus function. When I import the corpus, it seems to make no change to the number of blocklist and whitelist rules. What good is it to import a new corpus yet have it make no effect on the way spam is filtered. I am desiring to keep a copy of my mail program open on my mac os x mail server and have the mail automatically filtered as it comes in. This way I can have the effects of the bayesian spam filter when I check the mail on the road with my iphone and laptop. I set the spam to go into a imap spam folder so I can see it on the road. Only thing is that I need to synchronize the corrections I make to spam sieve predictions from my laptop with the copy of spamsieve working on the server box.

That’s because the corpus is the collection of words for the Bayesian filter, and this is totally separate from the whitelist and blocklist.

The Import Corpus feature is not intended to be used in situations like this. You can copy the corpus and rules files from one Mac to another, but there is no way to synchronize two copies of SpamSieve. Thus, you should only use one copy of SpamSieve at a time per account. If you want to train the server remotely, you can use the drone setup.

Is there an updated drone script that works on a 10.4 mac. It seems that the drone script is not doing anything on my 10.4 mac.

The drone setup is fully compatible with 10.4. You say that it isn’t working—well, that’s too vague for me to help you. What did you do, what happened, and how did this differ from what you expected to happen?

So to be clear, it only triggers the addtospam or addtogood script when a new mail arrives. If I just click check mail and there does not happen to be a new message in the inbox, it will not check the addtospam or addtogood folders? This is the problem I had.

So if I want to update spamassasin with the spam that spam sieve caught, I would need to know the path to my particular mail account and spam folder (as mentioned on the helpful drone tutorial). Does anybody happen to know what this path would be for mail served on mac os x 10.4 mail server? How can I find out this path?

That’s correct.