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Import files from guest Windows

I live with my iMac (HOST), Windows XP (GUEST), and Windows 7 (Guest) everyday.
Current VirtualBox is missing drag and drop among these desktops and it’s sometimes handy for storing files from Windows to EF library.
Therefore, EF’s MAGIC POCKET in Windows is the most valuable function for me.

When I drag and drop any file onto this POCKET, it is imported to my EF library as if it acted as “To Import” folder in Windows.
That is, if EF is launched at that time, the file is imported to EF library without delay. If not, EF will import this file after next launch.
MAGIC POCKET is realized via VirtualBox’s “Shared Folder”, which shares “To import” folder in Mac and “virtual drive” in Windows.

This function might be popular for EF community, however, I wrote this post to share this exciting function with newcomers like me.

Typical setting process is as follows.

  1. Open “Shared Folders” from “Details” Menu of VirtualBox and set Folder Path : ~/myLib/To Import (myLib) ] and Folder Name : myLibW ] (nickname).
  2. Execute command net use H: \vboxsvr\myLibW ] via Command Prompt in Windows.
  3. Then, we get the virtual drive myLibW (\vboxsvr) (H:)] and we can use its shortcut as MAGIC POCKET in Windows Desktop.

This sounds like a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for kind encouragement.

The POCKET may have the following feature.

  1. After EF completes to import files in Host world, ‘original’ files in the POCKET disappear from sight of Guest world. This behavior looks like MAGIC.

  2. Various kind of file (*.jpg, *.pdf, *.mp3, *.ppt, *.exe, …) can be imported as it is.

  3. Favicon (IE and Safari) dropped on the Pocket might be imported to EF library as Web Location File (.url) instead of Web Archive File (.webarchive).

I guess this MAGIC feature might naturally come from that EF adapts OSX ecosystem. This might not be achieved if using special kind of database.

Two weeks has passed after living with EF, and I like EF more and more. Thank you for fruitful software again.