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Importing entire Mac Documents folder

Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere – couldn’t find them, so

  1. I just tried importing my entire Mac documents folder, which is a mess. EF crashed part way into the import. Not sure why, but I eliminated some “unusual” files in Docs, in case they were at fault.

In order to complete the import should start the process over, in a new library? Or is the proper approach just to try to add the whole Docs folder again, because EF will eliminate the duplicates?

  1. Once I finish the import, can I rename the EF created directory to Documents, and Get rid of my original documents folder? Or will that cause problems?


I don’t believe that I received a crash log from you. Did the EagleFiler crash reporter come up?

EagleFiler will eliminate the duplicates, but it’s probably easier to start a new library because then you won’t have to merge two folder hierarchies.

That should be fine. Just make sure to close the library before renaming it.