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Importing from Apple Mail


I’m wondering what the easiest way is to import multiple mailboxes from Apple Mail. Currently, here is the only solution I have been able to figure out:

  1. In Apple Mail, archive each mailbox individually to create an mbox file, which gets automatically saved to the desktop.

  2. In EagleFiler, import each mailbox in manually.

I’m wondering if there are ways to:

  1. Import the entire hierarchy of Apple Mail folders (ie - mailboxes) at once;
  2. Import mailboxes by directly capturing them from Apple Mail instead of exporting to the Finder then importing from Finder to EagleFiler.


Apple Mail lets you select multiple mailboxes at once (using the Shift or Command keys). So you can select the ones you want, select all or some of the messages, and then press EagleFiler’s capture key. You can also capture messages in a smart mailbox that draws from multiple mailboxes.

I do not recommend using Apple Mail’s “Archive” feature because it generates files in a non-standard format.

Didn’t work…
I tried highlighting a single folder in Apple mail and pressing the capture key… here’s the error I got:

The capture script for Mail reported an error:
Make sure that you have selected some messages.

So that’s why I assumed that the capture feature would only work for individual messages…

Like I said above, select all or some of the messages before you press the capture key.

Worked beautifully!
Worked beautifully - thank you!