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Importing from Camino

Hi again,

just noticed a weird thing when trying to import an extract from a webpage (using selection + cmd%): EagleFiler does not import it as a .webarchive, but as and .rtf.

I do have “Web page format” set to “Web Archive”.

(On a side note, I’ve recently got Camino 2.0b4 and I’m enjoying it a lot. Thinking seriously about using it as my main browser.)


The Web page format preference controls what happens when you ask EagleFiler to download and import an entire Web page. When you press Command-% you are using the “EagleFiler: Import” system service, which just sends EagleFiler the selected text. If you’re using a Web Kit–based browser such as Safari or NetNewsWire, EagleFiler will receive this text in Web archive format. However, Camino does not use Web Kit and, I believe, only sends EagleFiler plain text.

Oh, I see. Thanks very much for the response.