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Importing From Evernote to EagleFiler

Would it help if there were a preference to always import a PDF note as an RTF file with an attached PDF instead of as a PDF file? Or is the issue that you want different formats depending on the particular note?

(Even if you import the Evernote note as a PDF file, you can still use EagleFiler’s Info window to add text using the EagleFiler notes field.)

Hi Michael-Thanks for your reply… I guess it would help if I had a choice of importing a note as a PDF or a RTF but it really depends on the note.

As for using the Notes field, I have to say that I don’t like how it displays Notes on my iPhone. Not sure but I think the issue was that the Notes were just a generic doc and I couldn’t open/view them?? I don’t have any right now to refer to so I can’t say that is what it was but I think I am remembering right. I ended up deleting all the notes that were attached to a Note.

Maybe having a choice to import a Note as an rtf or a rtfd or a PDF would be good… Choices are always good!

I sure appreciate all the support you give to your users. You are always willing to listen and accommodate what our needs/wants are.

Notes a regular RTF files that can be opened on an iPhone, but they’re stored separate from the record’s file, so it can be hard to find them.