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Importing individual messages from Entourage?

Is there a way to import an individual message from Entourage without putting it in a mailbox? If I import a single message now with the capture key, it gets imported as a mailbox; I can’t drag out of Entourage’s title bar the way I can with Apple Mail.

(I know I can drag the message out of the mailbox after it finishes importing, but I have to wait for the one-message mailbox to index first, which often takes quite a while if there are large attachments present.)

You could drag and drop from Entourage’s message list to EagleFiler’s “To Import” folder. This would not preserve the tags, however, as they are not stored in the .eml files that Entourage generates.

(Theoretically, dragging directly to EagleFiler’s window should also work, but something is going wrong with the promised files in the drag such that EagleFiler asks for them and they aren’t there.)

With EagleFiler 1.6, single messages are captured as individual .eml files rather than mailboxes.