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Importing Mails

Hello everyone,

I’m just switching from Journler to EagleFiler, while I’m trying the software, I discovered a problem with importing messages out from the same inbox in apple mail. EagleFiler doesnt recognize the account informations and is creating mailbox folders for every mail I import. Is there a clue or solution for that problem.


Thanks folks

Each EagleFiler mail import creates a new file, by design. There is, in general, no way for EagleFiler to know whether you would want to combine the messages with those from a previous import and, if so, which mailbox to combine them with. You can, however, tell EagleFiler to merge the mailboxes. Or you could have multiple mailboxes and use the Records source, smart folders, or tags to view the messages all together.

Thank you michael for your incredible fast response - support is great. So I have to merge the mailbox-folders evertime I import a new mail.