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Importing note via Launchbar & script

I’m discovering that I use the script to transfer a quick note to EagleFiler (via Launchbar) less often now, because it ends up in the Records list—along with everything else. Of course if I sort by recently added, recent notes will be near the top, but they still end up being mixed up with other things that I don’t really want to be sifting through. So I’m wondering if it would be possible/make sense to do one of two things (maybe you can think of another solution?). Either allow some tweaking of the script so that the note gets deposited in a particular folder or with a particular tag; or add an Inbox or equivalent for anything imported but not directed to a particular folder. Typically I use the capture key and put files I import where I want them, so these would not—at least in my case most of the time—be in this ‘Inbox’. I’m sure this is not a pressing problem for a lot of people, and I can always use another piece of software (which I’ve started doing), but it seems like one of the things that EagleFiler could offer.

It’s already possible to tweak the script to do these things. What would you like to do?

Have you looked at the Unfiled smart folder?

Ah, right. Unfiled. Forgot about that!

But the idea of adding a tag to the script appeals to me as well. Could you explain how to do that?


Where it says:

import text _string

change it to something like:

import text _string tag names {"flagged", "another_tag"}

That was easy!

Thanks again, Michael.

(I hope you get paid enough. :wink:

EagleFiler 1.5 adds the Quick entry feature, which you may prefer over the script.