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Integration with Bookends

Any plans to implement indexing of files, or some other solution to enable integration with the PDF repository maintained by Bookends?

No, because I had not heard of Bookends. Are you referring to this? Perhaps you can tell it to reference PDF files in your EagleFiler library?

Yes, that’s the one. Very popular in academe.
It is an SQL-based system that, among other things, links entries to externally stored documents. I could use one of EF’s folders, but I wouldl lose the very sophisticated way Bookends finds documents and attaches them. I would like Bookends to store the document in an EF folder, and for EF to then index the added file (I realize that,currently, manually added files are not indexed). Alternatively, the ability to index a folder outside of EF would work.

I’m working on a way to have EagleFiler link to files that are stored outside its library. That should address this type of scenario.

Perfect, thanks. I don’t suppose you feel comfortable sharing a timeline? Weeks? Months? Thanks again.

Some number of weeks. :slight_smile: Not within the next month.

Bookends Integration
I use Bookends extensively ! Great sofware…I haven’t thought of integration with with EF , ie having a common file pool…but would it not be resolved with my feature request of Finder/EF library Integration/Mirroring … which means that using an EF folder as a bookends Attachment folder ( would be immediately updated in EF library like Together does . BE moves attachments automatically into an Attachment folder or defines any user selected folder as such it also supports hierarchical/nested attachment folder) .

Of course it would! Now we just have to wait for the “few weeks” to pass before this is implemented…

Just to add to the chorus: Although I use Sente rather than Bookends, the principle is the same and it would be quite handy if EF were able to index files that it doesn’t ‘manage’—one of the few big things it lacks in my opinion.

Thanks Michael for considering this.

I wonder if I might ask if there has been any progress on this. I am also a user of Bookends (it is at the centre of my work) and integration would be a great step forward for me.

With thanks,

Martin BB.

It’s still on the to-do list. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Many thanks for the update.

Best wishes,

Martin BB.

Here’s how I integrate EagleFiler and Bookends:

  1. The BookEnds pdf folder is a regular EagleFiler folder.

  2. I drag the unique BookEnds reference ID link into the Notes for the EF record. (BE Manual, p 19) This is a file with an inetloc extension. However this process could be easier. Because the EF inspector does not stay open when I switch to BE, I must drop the link onto the desktop, copy it (cmd-c), then go to EF again to make the Inspector visible, and paste the into the notes section.

(To make this easier:

  1. A feature request I made earlier: Make notes an optional column in EF’s browser window. Then, perhaps, I could drag directly from BE to EF.
  2. A folder action. Dropping the link file into the folder triggers a script that would copy the link into the note of the current EF record. I don’t know how to do this.)

The result is two-way linkage between EF & BE.


Very useful approach. I do the same, and now combine it with the new script Michael wrote to create standalone, linked notes in EF. This allows me to drag the Bookends link directly to the RTF file created by the script.
I second the request to elevate the status of Notes, as a column, HUD or by keeping the Inspector open.

It appears that Sente users can have a scripted solution, no drag-and-drop required: http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=3308&an=0&page=3

Unfortunately, Bookends does not support AppleScript. I have posted this as a feature request a couple of times, but to no avail. Perhaps additional requests from Jon would help.

EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files feature will auto-detect new files that are added to the library folder.

Current state of Bookends integration (2013)?
Has anyone been using Bookends + Eaglefiler? Based on this 3-year old discussion, it sounds as if it should now work well. But I’d like to hear from anyone who is actually doing it.

Same goes for other bibliography software: Mellel, etc. I have switched from MS Word to Nisus Writer Pro (making my life much less aggravating). I last used Endnote 10 years ago. Now I need something beyond Eaglefiler, to format citations properly.