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iPhone needs your Spamsieve desparately

I have a new appreciation for Spamsieve again now that I am using popmail on my iPhone and it appears that I have to delete each message individually, major pain. Maybe you could write a pop relay spamsieve prgrams that would filter messages on the way to the iPhone? Or a web app? Thanks. I would pay!

For now, I recommend using SpamSieve and IMAP on your Mac to filter the iPhone mail.

Good free imap options
Thanks for the suggestion. Considering signing up for an imap account to forward my email to, if you have suggestions of services (other than AIM) that have IMAP and free large storage let me know, thanks.

This is precisely what I do and it works marvelously.

I have mail checking set to once a minute at my office machine and SS working there. the iPhone reacts perfectly to mail that is moved out of the server environment. IMAP rocks.


IMAP Issue
I too have switched my email client on my desktop and my laptop to an IMAP account and it works very well with the iPhone, which I also use with IMAP. My only problem is when my computer and/or my laptop do not update the IMAP account.

It seems that at some point, I’ll find that the IMAP account is several hours behind in checking for mail. I have both my desktop and laptop set to check for new mail every minute, and neither computer set to go to sleep. I even have my desktop set to shut down and restart once a day, just to get Mail to restart so it will “wake” it up.

If anyone has any ideas on why Mail quits updating my IMAP account I’d love to figure out what to do to fix it.


DBSpeer -

Since this is a SpamSieve forum, may I invite you to my forum at www.perkiset.org/forum/ - I have an OS-X board there where we could pick up and triage your issue. I don’t know off hand, but I suspect a couple things that we’d have to go over.