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iPhone Spam help.


I just got my first iPhone 3G ( Ilive in Japan and it just came out here) and I have push enabled for my mail from me.com. I am getting totally nailed with spam. I woke up this morning to 43 messages, one of which was good. (I’ve had .mac since 2002 and my spam just gets more and more…)

On my mac I have Spamsieve and it is awesome.

I imagine that I can turn off push and use the mac (always running) as a spam filter, right?

Does this require any special settings?

I had a lot of trouble setting up my iPhone and don’t want to go through hell again if I change the settings…

Can somebody explain what to do?

I am especially confused because like I said my iPhone has 43 spam messages and my mac has zero. Why doesn’t the mac tell my iphone that those messages are gone while I am sleeping?

Thanks in advance!


Just make sure both the Mac and the iPhone are connected via IMAP/MobileMe/.Mac rather than POP. That way SpamSieve can move the spam out of the inbox and the changes will be reflected on the iPhone.