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Is "Previous Recipients" fooled by my email address?

Lately a lot of “sexual Russian blonde” emails have been winding up in my In Box. I checked my SpamSieve rule and realized that somewhere along the line I changed it from “Every Message” to “Sender is not in my Previous Recipients”. I’m not sure why I made the change. It must have been a while ago because I don’t remember doing it.

These emails have one of my addresses as the sender. Is Mail fooled by the fake return address? Is there some way to get Mail not to be fooled or do I just need to set the rule back to Every Message?

I’m using SpamSIeve 2.7.7 with Apple Mail under OS X 10.5.8.

Yes, it’s possible for Mail to be fooled, although you can choose Window > Previous Recipients in Mail to deleted unwanted addresses.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll delete my address from the Previous Recipients list. What will trigger Mail to put it back?

I’m not entirely sure, but my guess would be sending a message to that address or telling it that a message from that address is not junk.