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Issue in managing records

Hi to all,

I’ve just downloaded the demo version, quite excited about it, and already an issue ;-(

When I import (or write) data, whatever the source, a new item appears in Records, which is quite normal. I can put it into a folder or a sub-folder but it still appears under Records (at the root of Records), which should not occur. Any help would be really appreciated !

Best regards,

Actually, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The Records source shows everything. It’s similar to the way Music in iTunes shows all the songs, and Photos in iPhoto shows all the photos. When you move a record into a subfolder, it no longer appears in Unfiled.

Thanks Michael ! Isn’t this approach a little bit confusing when having tens of thousands of records ? Any possibility in a future version to have the option to hide the records filed ? My 2 cents …

The pattern set by Apple is that the “main” source should show everything, regardless of which folder it’s in. I can see how this might be confusing, but I don’t think changing the behavior to make it different from other applications is the solution.

That’s what Unfiled is for.

Ok, thanks for your reply ! Still confusing to me but can understand the logic at least ! Best !