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It's forgotten what spam looks like!

I’ve only recently started using SpamSieve, and everything was going great. But now it seems to have forgotten how to spot even basic spam. The statistics are below, and although it looks like it’s doing everything right. The number of false positives seems wrong. I’ve marked dozens of spam messages to be trained as spam. But it’s missing things like mail that comes in with SPAM* in the subject line, email in Chinese, offers of meds, and other very obvious spam that I’m sure it was dealing with just fine until recently.

It is finding some spam, but it’s hit rate has decreased considerably.

Any ideas?

Filtered Mail
3,748 Good Messages
2,837 Spam Messages (43%)
113 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
12 False Positives
257 False Negatives (96%)
95.9% Correct

509 Good Messages
826 Spam Messages (62%)
128,352 Total Words

456 Blocklist Rules
2,811 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
04/09/2014 10:59

The false positives are the good messages in the Spam mailbox. Messages in the inbox that you train as spam are false negatives.

Please see the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page.