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Junk mail in unknown advetising folder

Thanks. It looks like either the account name or the mailbox name (Unwanted advertising) that you entered in the script does not match the name in Mail, so the script isn’t doing anything because it isn’t finding the right mailbox.

I made a new error report with Unwanted advertising changed to “Ongewenste reclame" in the script. I hope you can find something now.

SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz

A new report, "Spamsive Diagnostic Report 2.tbz I have now created with name changed from Ongewenste reclame to "Reclame”.

SpamSieve Diagnostic Report 2.tbz

It seems like the mailboxes that you specified still don’t match what’s in Mail. You can run this script to see what the actual mailbox names in Mail are.

As an attachment I am sending you the Spamsive Diagnostic report and a partial printout of List Mailboxes.scpt. It does not contain any Junk advertising or ID, but it does contain Trash. I also notice that in the Spamsieve Diagnostic report 2 Accounts mentions Spam. Is that correct?
I have replaced the names of the accounts with Account 1, Account 2, etc.

SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-06 om 13.05.19.png.pdf (52 KB)

Thanks for this information. There seem to be multiple problems:

  1. You have a bunch of account-specific SpamSieve rules in Mail that are disabled, some of which are set to move messages to the inbox. These are unnecessary because you already have a SpamSieve rule at the top that filters every message.

  2. The screenshot from the script says that your accounts have names like Account 1, Account 2, but in the script the account names are entered like e-mail addresses.

  3. The script has some extra { and } for the second and subsequent accounts. (I’ve fixed the example here.)

  4. The mailbox names in the script don’t match the ones in the screenshot.

  5. Did you mean to configure the script to move messages out of Trash?

All of the above is fixable, but you may find it simpler to switch from the Spam mailbox to the Junk mailbox. Then you could have both SpamSieve and the server filters move spam messages to the same place, and you could get rid of the script and all but the single, regular SpamSieve rule. (If you still want SpamSieve to double-check the server filter’s work, there’s a different script for that, which doesn’t require any editing.)

Should Junk in “AndServerJunk Mailbox Names” also be changed to "Ongewenste reclame”?

Probably not. I recommend using whatever the List Mailboxes script shows.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Hoi Michael,

Unfortunately I was unable to respond for a while due to illness.
Does it matter if I put the script in ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail or in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail/ .

Kind regards

It should be in the former, because that’s the only folder that Mail will allow for scripts that are run by rules.

Since I am unable to solve my problems with the Junk mailbox, I have adjusted my rules in Mail according to 3.1 Setting Mail and installed the script Apple Mail - Rescue Good Messages.
My questions are: Can I delete the old script Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox and the Spam mailbox?

Kin regards