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Junk Mail Not Moved

Occasionally SS will mark a spam message as Junk, but not move it to the Junk folder. Instead, it leaves it in the mailbox for that account. Any suggestions?

My single SpamSieve rule is placed nearly last, just above my Mail Act-On rules:

If Any: Every Message
Move Message to mailbox Junk

Junk mail filtering is enabled, with junk mail moved to the junk mail mailbox. The advanced rule is
If All: Message is addressed with my full name, Message is not addressed with my full name
Move Message to mailbox Junk

I did that because I liked having the Junk mailbox (different icon, higher in the folder list) – but I can’t seem to find the instructions that told me how to do that. I thought they were in the SS Manual?

That looks correct. Which version of Mail do you have? How do you know that SpamSieve marked the message as spam? Is its background colored, or does it say “Predicted: Spam” in the log? If you open the Console program in /Applications/Utilities, does it show any error messages from Mail?

They’re here.

Good point. I was assuming that SpamSieve was marking the message as Junk. I didn’t have SS coloring the messages; I’ve turned that on now. I’m using Mail 2.1 (752.2). An example from the SpamSieve log:

Predicted: Spam (99)
Subject: Our store is your cureall!
From: “Adam” <robert@scandinavian-seed.biz>
Identifier: MgLjWi4Fsbi4a+ZYOBSryg==
Reason: (“robert@scandinavian-seed.biz”) matched rule <From (address) Is Equal to “robert@scandinavian-seed.biz”> in SpamSieve blocklist
Date: 2006-12-14 11:36:23 -0800

I am seeing messages like this in the console log:
2006-12-14 11:36:34.817 Mail[17143] *** -[IMAPMessageWithCache remoteMessageStore]: selector not recognized [self = 0x9eb1190]
2006-12-14 11:36:34.817 Mail[17143] exception raised in routeMessages: *** -[IMAPMessageWithCache remoteMessageStore]: selector not recognized [self = 0x9eb1190]

And I see this message, too, relating to SpamSieve:
Dec 14 06:55:20 starfleet /Applications/SpamSieve.app/Contents/MacOS/SpamSieve: CMSCreateDataProviderOrGetInfo : Invalid colorspace type
Dec 14 06:55:29 starfleet /Applications/SpamSieve.app/Contents/MacOS/SpamSieve: CMSCreateDataProviderOrGetInfo : Invalid colorspace type

OK, it does look like SpamSieve thought the message was spam. The console message from SpamSieve does not indicate a problem. The console message from Mail could indicate that it was unable to move the message. If that’s the case, there’s probably nothing else SpamSieve can do. Does it work if you drag the message yourself?

Yes, I can not only move the message manually, but if I tell SpamSieve to Train as Spam, the message will be moved. Any suggestions for tracking down why Mail would be choking when it tries to move the message the first time? (And this only happens occasionally.)

Do you have any other mail plug-ins installed besides SpamSieve? These would be stored in the folders:


I’m using a fistful of plug-ins: MailTags 2.0, Mail Act-On, GPGMail, MailPictures, SignatureProfiler, AttachmentScanner, MailFollowup, IMAP-IDLE and MailTypeSelect are loaded in addition to SpamSieve. (When running Mac OS 9 I had three lines of extensions marching across my screen ,too!)

I enabled message coloring and SS is coloring all spam messages. Only some of the messages are not moved.

OK, I would suggest temporarily disabling those by dragging them to the desktop and then restarting Mail and see if it moves the spam messages then.

Okay, I’ve found that if I disable some of them, the incidence of not moving the messages goes down. However, some marked spam messages occasionally are left in the inbox. Besides SpamSieve, I’m running Mail Act-on, MailTags, GPGMail, and imap-idle – all (to me) necessary.

Any chance that my slow Mac (a Sawtooth G4, 450MHz) could be to blame?

If you could temporarily disable all but one of them, to see which one causes the problem, then perhaps the developer of that plug-in could fix it.

I doubt it.

Seeing a similar problem
I’m evaluating SpamSieve for a client, using Entourage 2004 11.3.2 and an IMAP account hosted at Dotster. In trying to train SS, it seems to properly mark spam, but then fails to move it. There is no Junk E-mail folder available in my IMAP account folder list, but the usual local one does exist.

If I first move a message into the local mail (On My Computer), then run the Move If Spam rule, it moves it correctly.

Any help or suggestions? TIA.

When using IMAP with Entourage, the SpamSieve - Train Spam command will mark the messages but it cannot move them (due to limitations of Entourage). Incoming IMAP messages should be moved to the Junk E-mail folder, so long as you setup two SpamSieve rules.

Moving mail

Thanks much for the prompt response. So it will fail to move them only in training mode, but will apply the rules correctly in post-training operation? I should have noted that it doesn’t move marked messages in the IMAP Inbox when using the Move If Spam script, either. Is that also normal?

Not trying to be dense, but I don’t want to advise someone to spend money if I’m not 100% sure of how it’ll work (and if it works for him, I’m going to spring for a copy myself). :slight_smile:


That’s correct. The issue is that Entourage does not support moving IMAP messages via AppleScript, and the “Train Spam” and “Move If Spam” commands are AppleScripts. (Normally, you wouldn’t be applying “Move If Spam” manually, anyway.) However, for incoming messages you can setup that second rule, which will move the messages.

Thank you!

Thanks so much, again, for such prompt responses. I’m going to recommend SpamSieve for my client, and plan on buying a copy myself. Color me impressed!

I’m in the same boat as the poster above:

  • Entourage 2004
  • IMAP
  • Set up the 2 rules - the second to move the spam to my IMAP junk mail folder
  • Junk mail not moving
  • Potential buyer

Messages are marked as spam, but not moving. If I can get this figured out, I’m sending you $30. How do I know if I’m still in training mode? Is it like a toggle between training and managing spam modes?

Any ideas?


Does it move if you select a message that’s marked as spam and choose Message > Apply Rule > SpamSieve - Move Messages?

Please make sure that the “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule is below the other SpamSieve rule and that the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule has “Do not apply other rules to messages that meet these criteria” unchecked.

There is no separate training mode. It is always training and always filtering.

It was checked. After I changed it, I saw spam move to the correct folder.

Thanks for the tip. I am going to pay for this immediately.