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Label colors


Using EF v1.2.7 and starting to use the labels. However, the colors are all wrong. For instance, the brown is gray, the green is purple, Pink is yellow, etc. The finder labels are all OK. Am I missing something?

This is how it looks for me in EagleFiler and in the Finder. They match. What do you see?

Like attached

You seem to be using third-party system modifiers to change the default label colors and fonts. Mac OS X no longer has a built-in means for the user to change the colors, or for applications to lookup what the colors are (the old GetColor API returns OS 9 colors). Therefore, applications like EagleFiler have to hard-code the colors that the Finder uses, and if you change the colors using unsupported means, the Finder and other applications will not match.


To the best of my recollection I have never adjusted the label colors, nor do I have software to do so. I plead guilty to changing the fonts though (please don’t tell Jobs).

Which version of Mac OS X are you using? The shapes of the color swatches in your Finder preferences (and the window background color) don’t look like Leopard or Tiger to me. Have you ever used Labels X? Sorry, but I don’t know how to reset the colors other than by starting a new OS X user account or by re-installing the OS.

Incidentally, your label colors look like the ones from Mac OS 9.

I think you asked the right questions because you are correct. It is a OS 9 Shapeshifter theme. By switching back to the default theme I just found out that it alters the color labels in the Finder as well. I hadn’t noticed this before because I use Pathfinder instead which uses its own labels. Mystery solved.