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Large database, search anywhere returns full list

I’m trying to set up a Smart Folder/Saved Search for a keyword – which should return just about 5-50 records from a total of a few hundred thousand. I’ve just imported tons of old e-mail to the library, and it has finished all indexing.

The smart folder works when I set it to ‘Title’ searching, but when I set it to ‘Anywhere’, the beach ball spins for 15 seconds or so, then I get the whole list of everything in the library.

The CPU has dropped, the indexing has stopped, and I can’t see any other indication that it’s still working, but no matter how obscure the keyword, all Anywhere searches turn up the full set of records.

I suspect I’m just stupidly overlooking something, but I can’t find anything similar in past posts. Any ideas?


On a quick test, it looks to me like this is working properly on my Mac. Could you post a screenshot that shows how you’ve setup your smart folder?

…actually on all seaches set to anywhere
I realized that this is not just on smart folders – it’s on any searches where the search domain is set to ‘anywhere’. I’m including three screenshots: one with no search, one with search set to title, and one with search set to anywhere.

This looks like a potential bug, although I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on my Mac. Does it show an arrow cursor or a spinning rainbow at the time of the screenshot? Does the problem happen with a folder or mailbox selected, or just Records?

You get the beach ball for a couple of seconds, but then it returns to normal behavior (pointer cursor).

It seems to work fine with lots of folders selected simultaneously (up to 90,000 records), but not when I simply select “Records”. I’ll continue to mess around with selecting more (unfortunately, many levels of hierarchy – imported mail from a few different past systems) and let you know if there seems to be a number of records at which the behavior starts.

Thanks for looking into this! So far, it seems like a fantastic program.

One more update that might complicate things even further:

I arbitrarily picked what I thought was about a mid-point down the list of folders (all expanded). Select the first half, do an anywhere search for some unlikely nonsense string (‘zq’) and it works fine. Do the same thing on the second half, and it gives the behavior I mentioned.

Now, quit EF, restart, do the same thing in reverse. Select second half, do search, works fine. Deselect, then select FIRST half, it fails.

Roughly 200,000 records, 200 sources in each.

Please e-mail me the file:


Thanks for sending the log file. It looks like many of the library’s index files are damaged (or perhaps there’s a folder permissions problem so that EagleFiler cannot create them) and this is preventing EagleFiler from opening the indexes and performing the search. First I would suggest repairing your hard drive using Disk Utility or DiskWarrior. Second, you can hold down the Command and Option keys when opening your library to tell EagleFiler to reset the indexes.