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Leopard Mail--must keep installing SpamSieve

I find that I have to keep re-installing SpamSieve now that I have Leopard. When i open Mial, I am told that SpamSieve cannot be loaded. If I open SpamSieve and activate it for Mail, I can use it as normal, but if I close Mail and reopen it, Mail again reports the Spam Sieve can’t be opened. I have emptied bundle folder and uninstalled and reinstalled SpamSieve several times with similar results.

Have you tried restarting your Mac? Do you have .Mac syncing enabled? Are you re-installing any other plug-ins when you re-install the SpamSieve one?

Spamsieve Mail plugin

Same problem here. In addition to Spamsieve I use a DEVONthink (Pro Office) Mail plugin and a Growl Mail plugin. It seems that the Spamsieve Mail plugin doesn’t work, or rather is disabled, when I try to install the DEVONthink plugin. When restarting Mail after the DEVONthink installation procedure, all plugins (including Spamsieve) are disabled. Spamsieve does seem to run correctly when I install it without the other plugins. I tested it by quitting and restarting Mail a couple of times. It still seems to work.

I’ll ask the folks at DEVONthink what their experiences are. Haven’t checked their forum yet.

Best, Tom

Michael, Tomas
I do have .Mac sync running, but I have used it forever in the past before encountering this SpamSieve issue. I do not have any other Mail plugins installed.

Since installing Leopard I have not had DevonThink installed, but used to have it active under Tiger with no SpamSieve interference. All trouble seems to post-date Leopard, but I know others who have encountered no conflict between Leopard and SpamSieve.

So I’m still at a loss.


It sounds like the DEVONthink plug-in hasn’t been updated for Leopard yet. When you install it, it probably changes something in Mail’s preferences, Mail realizes that at least one plug-in is old, and so it disables them all. I recommend leaving plug-ins that aren’t yet Leopard-ready disabled.

I haven’t seen this problem before, so I don’t know what’s causing it. But, in case it helps, the way that Mail knows whether the plug-ins are up-to-date is that the plug-in installer (SpamSieve, in this case) writes something into Mail’s preferences file. If, for some reason, the preferences file gets reverted, Mail will “forget,” and it will disable the plug-ins. Since you have no other plug-ins, the only thing I can think of that might be modifying Mail’s preferences is .Mac syncing.