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Library and Notification

I have Microsoft Entourage for my messages and have an IMAC OSX. I am receiving notification (bouncing icon and sound) and subject of spam email. I would prefer this to be turned off and instead receive notification of regular (non-spam) messages. Good emails with bouncing icon and sound and subject.
It mentions something about a library and I have no idea what that is

Choose Preferences from the Entourage window. Click on Notification. Uncheck “Display alert on my desktop,” “Animate icon,” and “New mail sound.” This will prevent you from getting notified for spam messages.

To be notified when there are new good messages, go to the Notification section of SpamSieve’s preferences window. There are options there for controlling the Dock icon and sounds. If you install Growl you can set it to display a little window with the subjects of new messages.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Where are you looking, and what does it say?

Preview Pane and Growl Notification

For the growl preferences which items do you need to check so that I can see the preview pane of the message and the subject? Or is this something that needs to be done in spamsieve? Also how do you increase the volume of the “growl”.

The controls in Growl let you choose which kinds of messages you’ll receive notifications for. The Include message bodies option in SpamSieve controls whether you see a few lines of the message body or just the subject and sender.

I’m not sure. Most growls don’t have sound. SpamSieve itself can be set to play a sound for each batch of good messages, and the volume it uses is the “Alert volume” in the Sound Effects tab of the Sound pane in System Preferences.