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Library Does Not Open

I tried to open my test library. The progress dialog box appears, and then - nothing. Library is not in the dock.

The same action occurs whethere I use the Drop Pad, the Open Recent command or double click on the library in the Library folder.

Please send your log file:


to eaglefiler@c-command.com so that I can investigate what’s happening here.

LibrarieS do not open
Michael, both of us can ‘shake our head’, since lack ready access to log files in similar loss of two older Libraries. One was especially vexatious since several thousand important records were corrupted / lost therein. For reasons not understood. It remains MY ERROR - - until proven otherwise. In both, the library was initially perfect and functional, whence suddenly all entries became an alias. On opening, all were listed as unavailable / corrupt, a mess beyond repair of all the links. Fortunately, retained the original data so rebuilt the EF library file over many man-days of labor. The other valuable file experienced a similar corruption. Provide this response in the context of unknown mea culpa unless you have documented elsewhere. Trust you will post your analysis of findings once supplied the log files for this inquiry. Unfortunately, I realized the loss too late to salvage, but PREVENTION is critical. We all do actions fatalis in the wee of the night. I suspect that most users are like me, fail to post this library not opening issue since unable to be more definitive re conditions upon discovery of the corruption perhaps days later. KarlfromOhio is not imagining things… Suspect a user precipitated issue, but a ‘seatbelt’ is needed for this situation if identified to save the user from their own hands.

It turned out that there were some problems with KarlfromOhio’s hard drive. He repaired it using Disk Utility, and I suggested that he tell EagleFiler to reset the library’s indexes by holding down the Command and Option keys wile opening the library.

Where did you see the aliases? In EagleFiler? In the Finder?

This probably means that you moved something in the library folder using the Finder. If you do that, EagleFiler will not know its new location, so the files will appear to be missing.

It shouldn’t be necessary to retain the original data, and you probably didn’t lose anything. Even if EagleFiler loses track of your files, everything is stored in the library’s “Files” folder in the Finder. You can make a new library, tell EagleFiler to import the old “Files” folder, and it will rebuild everything (including the metadata).

The best prevention is to follow the rules for not moving or renaming your library files using an application other than EagleFiler.

EF only, not in the Finder. No linked file could be located since probably moved via Finder searches in the interim to offline storage. Your reply was an EXCELLENT review and confirmation of the diligence by which EF protects the EF Library.

The second best ‘Prevention’ is to avoid multi-tasking inclusive of Spotlight which can grab files one really does not want to move… Is there a means to ‘lock’ EF records for normal use against DELETION from the EF Library?

No. (You could manually set the permissions to prevent deletion or changing the folder contents, but this would also prevent you from editing files or adding new ones, so this would probably not be very useful.)