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Lion 10.7.2 Compatibility

Any chance we can get an updated SPAMSieve for 10.7.2?

That update is close to being released by Apple. We installed it today on some production machines for final testing and SV was disabled by Apple Mail.

Please contact me via e-mail.

I have the same problem. I get a message saying that SS is not compatible with Mail 5.1.

Is there a beta I can download or will there be a fix soon?



Please read what I told webjive.

I recommend updating to SpamSieve 2.8.7.

Mail deactivated Spam Sieve after I updated to 10.7.2. I think my version of Spam Sieve may have been out of date. Should I download the newest version to fix the problem? Will it require a re-install?

Yes, download the latest version. You may need to tell it to install the plug-in.