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Looking for AppleScript to Burn disparate folders


I was sure I saw somewhere an AppleScript that allowed one to create a CD of various folders that are in different locations in the directory heirarchy.

What I’m looking for is the ability to click an AppleScript where I have stored the locations of a number of current projects and, using a particular configuration, burn a CD. An ad-hoc backup separate to my normal back-up routine.

Anyone care to share?



I don’t think there’s currently a good way to do this with DropDMG’s scripting, but I’m working on some improvements to make this easier.

Thanks for that.

After a while, I sort of figured that you had to first create a folder and copy the contents.

On a related note, could we use a smart folder to do this and simply run a script to burn the smart folder to a CD/DVD?


No, because outside of the Finder a smart folder is just an XML file.