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Looking for AppleScripting tips

I have used online bookmark services for several years. First delicious, then pinboard. Recently I exported my collection of several thousand bookmarks from Pinboard as an html file. EagleFiler did an excellent job of reading the exported file and creating a library of webloc files from it. It preserved the tags I had assigned to urls. I’m very pleased with these features. However, EagleFiler made rtf files from the text comments. I am interested in copying the notes/comments from these rtf files into the Finder comments field for each webloc. As I am interested in learning more about AppleScript, this seems like a good project. Can you provide any tips on how to use EagleFiler’s appleScript dictionary commands in the script?

thank you

I’ve written a script called Copy Notes to Spotlight Comments that shows how to do this.

Thank you Michael. I appreciate your help.