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Love this app, but can it help me do this?

This app works great in Big Sur, and I can switch between devices all day long. BUT, I have one speaker, the Harmon/Kardon cylinder/tube RobotHead thing, and after some time it’s programmed to power off if there is no audio signal? Dunno why they did that, but there is no way to turn it off from the H/K interface… could there be a way that Tooth Fairy could keep alive the speaker, no matter what?

ToothFairy doesn’t have a way to automatically do stuff with the device throughout the day. But you could tap the hotkey now and then to disconnect and reconnect. Or write a recurring AppleScript that tells ToothFairy to do this.

sounds great! can u attach a script or do I have to figure that out :slight_smile: thx!!!

For example, you could use a script like this:

on idle
    tell application "ToothFairy"
        set _device to device "Speaker"
        set _device's connected to false
        set _device's connected to true
    end tell
    return 60 * 60 -- Run again in an hour
end idle

Fill in your speaker’s name. Use Script Editor to save it in Application format with Stay open after run handler checked. Then just leave the script app running, and every 60 minutes it will disconnect and connect the device.

Thx, great attempt but no dice. As coded above, the machine kicks off the Aura 2 speaker and then defaults to internal speakers or headphone jack. Never connects back. I tried removing

set _device’s connected to false

and setting the time interval to 2, and that produced some interesting results (a lot of errors), so perhaps its just not doable… dunno, but thx again for trying, and helping me remember what an apple script is.