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Mail.app freeze with Multiple IMAP accounts & Mailtags


When opening Mail.app 2.1 and fetching multiple messages on multiple IMAP accounts the program hangs/freezes and the “error has occurred” dialog comes up. A force quit is then necessary to continue. Restarting Mail.app sometimes improves things, in that more messages are downloaded, but the freeze can occur several times before all mail is downloaded. This seems to occur more when a large number of spam email is processed (when Mail.app has been off for several days, e.g.).

I am running Mailtags 2.1.1 as well as Spamsieve 2.6.4. Both programs are processing incoming mail, so I suspect an incompatability or a mis-configuration on my part.

I can of course provide error logs, but I thought I’d start with this to see if anyone had an idea for me.

Thanks very much.

I haven’t seen this problem before. Is it Mail, SpamSieve, or the OS that’s presenting the error dialog? What is the exact text of the error message?

Which other Mail plug-ins do you have installed besides SpamSieve?

The next time it happens, instead of force-quitting, please open Activity Monitor, click on Mail in the list, and then choose View > Sample Process. Save the sample to a file. Also sample SpamSieve, and then e-mail the two files to spamsieve@c-command.com.

The error comes from the OS. It’s the standard dialog when a Mac App hangs. It provides an option to send a report to Apple and to close the program. BTW selecting this option to close does not close the program. Then in the force quit menu, Mail.app is highlighted in red and shows “(not responding)”.

Plugins: Mailtags 2.1.1 and Mail Act-On 1.3.2

I’ll try to reproduce the problem and send along the activity monitor reports. This seems to be an intermittent problem for some reason.

Thanks again.

There is no standard dialog when an application hangs. It sounds like you’re referring to a crash. A hang is when an application keeps running but stops responding. A crash is when it does something illegal and the OS stops it. (If it hangs while the OS is trying to stop it, that’s another matter, but the crash is the original problem.) Please e-mail me the file:


so that I can see why Mail crashed.

Does uninstalling those stop the crashes?

According to the crash log that you sent me, the crash was caused by the plug-in that you didn’t mention:



Oh yes, I forgot about growl because it’s a more system-wide plugin not installed directly to Mail.app.

I’ll investigate on the Growl end of things.


Growl is system-wide, but the GrowlMail.mailbundle is just for Mail, so you can remove it without affecting Growl in your other applications.

Yes, and Growl can be configured so that certain applications are excluded. I’ll happiily remove the Mail.app growl functionality.

Besides, SpamSieve has its own Growl support, and it will only notify you when you receive a new non-spam message.

Yes, the Growl notifications from SpamSieve are plenty. Having the Mail notifications too is superfluous as far as I can tell.

Thanks again for helping me sort this out.

just fyi
I was having the exact same problem… Though I found this after I removed SS, Mailtags, and turned off the Mail Growl notifications.

So now it’s back to added them one at a time, but I bet it was the Growl mailbundle part that was the issue.

Added too many things at the same time… Always a receipt for disaster, or at least confusion :slight_smile: