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Mail cannot find the SpamSieve application

I have installed SpamSieve on a computer with two different accounts, both of them with Admin privileges. However, when I launch Mail on one (the account that SpamSieve was NOT installed under), I get the following message:

“Mail cannot find the SpamSieve application. In order for Mail to filter messages using SpamSieve, make sure that the SpamSieve application is installed directly in your Applications folder.”

Although the SpamSieve rule is set up to move all messages, they all stay in the Inbox, and the options in the Message menu don’t work.

If I launch SpamSieve manually however, it seems to find it, as the options in the Message menu then work.

Any ideas?

In order to filter your messages, the SpamSieve plug-in needs the SpamSieve application. If the OS can’t find the SpamSieve application, the plug-in won’t be able to launch it for you. Please install SpamSieve directly in the top-level Applications folder, as shown here, so that the plug-in will definitely be able to find it.


I just figured that after as your post went up. Strange that it worked on one account though?

Anyway, thanks for your help.