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Mail crashing and not applying Mailtags with rules

I have been cleaning up my Mailboxes getting ready to file them on Eaglefiler.
In the process I have loaded MailTags and start tagging every item 90% by mail rules, the rest manually. Mail rules doen’t seem to be applying the rules to all the messages, also Mail keeps crashing. I have tried to solve this by deleted about 3500 messages out of In boxes as well as 2000 that were in SpamSieve, I have also done a systems reinstall, nothing seems to help. Attached is the Crash Log which has many references to SpamSieve. Can I have some help please?

I’ve never seen a crash log like this before. Any idea why so many messages are being processed simultaneously? Are you applying the rules manually? If so, it’s probably not a good idea to re-apply the SpamSieve rule to old messages, anyway—you could try unchecking it.

un ticked SpamSieve rule in mail
Thanks Michael, I have unticked the Spam rule in Mail, this doesn’t seem to have made any difference.
Is it possible that as a result of my removing a lot of sorted mail boxes and smart boxes, mail no longer has a remembers a pathway to the message?
Is there a way of resorting or resetting mail and then switching on all the rules again?
When I said I was tagging the mail 90% by rules the rest manually, I was meaning I was going through the whole in box, having sorted by “From” and when there were many emails from an on going source I would then go and set up a rule, if there were less that 10 emails and I didn’t expect to receive an more i would go and tag each one manually.
What is still happening is that mail is not applying the rules to all mail received from the same source. It is applying on some and not others that is why I know that the rule is written correctly.
I would like to sort this out before I transfer to Eaglefiler.

Thanks again for your help

Up date with some progress
Hi Michael,
Switching Spam rule off didn’t make any difference.
I then switched off all the rules and did a Mail app rebuild on each mail box individually. What showed up were emails high lighted with dark brown lines as well as dark blue lines. I opened each in turn and selected “train as good” as so I also had a few emails show up as unread from 18 months ago when they had not shown up before. To be on the safe side I again did a rebuild on each mail box, no more high lighted messages.
Then I switched all rules back on, I will inform you how it is going after some time has elapased. Attached a logs for your viewing they may be of help to others.

Thanks again

Yes, you could quit Mail and then delete the file:
/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

OK, but I still don’t understand when/how are you are applying these rules. It looks like they’re being applied simultaneously in about 13 different threads, and I don’t think that’s what Mail normally does. Are you invoking the rules via MailTags somehow?

From these logs, it looks as though the SpamSieve rule isn’t disabled. Or, if it is, it’s being applied anyway. So I’m still interested to know whether you are applying the rules in in a non-standard way.

Thanks Michael for the reply.

I deleted the envelope index as you advised, although it has not fix all the Rule problems Mail is seeming to run much quicker. There are now only about 10-15 messages out of several thousand that for some reason the rules are not be applied property, I will do these manually and see how mail applies the rules on new messages as they arrive.

I many not be explaining what I am doing correctly, so here goes, please correct me if I have the wrong understand of how things work.

When I have gone to Mail preferences and selected “Add Rule” filled in the conditions boxes and the perform following action boxes, selected “OK” then Apply Rule “YES” this is how I have been applying rules regarding MailTags.

If there were only a few messages from one send then I simple apply the Tag manually once I have the message open. Is it to much for mail to get a lot of new rules all at once?
Are there any other ways to apply rules or Tags that I should be aware of?

To stop Spamsieve working, am I correct in going to Mail rules and unticking the box next to the Spam rule or is there something else I need to do?

After I have everything sorted out is there any reason for not have Spamsieve and rules applying MailTags working at the same time?

Could you explain what the rebuild option in mail does compared with removing of the envelope index?

It might work better to click No when it asks if you want to apply the new rule. Then select the messages and choose Message > Apply Rules.

That’s all you need to do.

As far as I know, MailTags and SpamSieve work well together.

The Rebuild command looks at the message files on your disk and makes sure they’re all in the database. Removing the Envelope Index does this, too, but it also builds a brand-new database file, which generally speeds things up.

Mail Problems resolved
Thanks Michael I think my Mail problems are now resolved.

I would now like to move on to the main purpose of cleaning up Mail which was to establish a better work flow and archiving system on my computer, using Eaglefiler.

There are several ways I can think of doing this, can you advise which is the better.

  1. I could open one library, and use apple script to automate the transfer of records from the inboxes say after 10 days. I could then sort using Mailtags Keyword and Projects.

  2. I could use the basics from (1) but have the messages go into sub-folder automatically based on the mailtags.

  3. I could use multiple libraries, but is they anything much gained from this and can you easily transfer between libraries?

I am trying to set up a system that is elegent as well as practical. If I understand the abilities of Eaglefiler correctly I should be able to store everything on my Mac in 3 places; iPhotos, iTunes and Eaglefiler for everything else.

Some general usage questions:
If I am saving files other than Mail messages to Eaglefiler and use the F1 key how do I direct it to a sub-folder or a particular library if I have more than one Library?

Is there a way/program that lets me Tag files other than mail messages similar to MailTags prior to sending them to Eaglefiler.

Please note that EagleFiler imports mailbox files, which contain messages. Messages don’t directly go in folders; mailboxes do. MailTags operates on messages, so after importing from Mail your messages will be tagged, and they will automatically show up in tag sources based on the MailTags keywords and projects. MailTags doesn’t tag mailboxes, so the imported mailboxes won’t be tagged, although you can add tags once they’re in EagleFiler.

I prefer to import from Mail manually using F1. I make sure that the messages are organized into the proper mailboxes before importing, and then there isn’t really any organization needed once they’re imported into EagleFiler. I simply merge the like-named mailboxes and this automatically files them into the proper folders.

You can transfer between libraries using drag and drop. There are a variety of reasons to use multiple libraries, e.g. to separate projects, to have some files encrypted and others not, or to store files on different disks. However, if it’s not obvious that you need multiple libraries, you probably don’t.

Correct. EagleFiler can actually handle photos and MP3s, too, but in most cases you’ll be happier with those files in iPhoto and iTunes.

At present, F1 always imports into the frontmost library (the one shown in the Drop Pad), and it imports at the top level. The newly imported files will show up in the Unfiled source, so it’s easy to find them if you want to put them in a specific folder.

Another way to import is to drag and drop the files directly into EagleFiler’s browser window. Then you can drag onto the exact library/folder that you want.

You could write tags in the Finder comments and then import the files using F1 from the Finder. EagleFiler would then import the tags from the comments. Personally, I think it’s much easier to tag them from within EagleFiler, though, since you have autocompletion and such.