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Mail Crashing


Problem: Clicking a hyperlink or an attachment inside a mail message crashed mail.app.

I’ve removed everything inside the mail folder and got it to work. After I re-installed Spam Sieve the above problem re-appeared.
Could this be a Spam Sieve problem?

Thanks for any help.

Probably not, since SpamSieve has no interaction with the display of Mail messages, links, or attachments. However, if you find Mail’s crash log files in the folder:


and submit them via e-mail I’ll take a look.

Thanks for sending the crash log. It looks like you also have the Attachment Tamer plug-in and an input manager haxie installed, so I suggest that you remove those and see if that helps.

The user fixed the problem by doing a clean install of Lion. Another user in the Apple forums was seeing a similar crash and fixed it by removing the obsolete MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded2 file.