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Mail Freezes

When I tag an e-mail message as spam, mail freezes for a few minutes. I am running Apple Mail ver. 6.6 (1510) on OS X ver. 10.8.5. I have tried re-installing the Apple Mail plug-in a couple of times but that doesn’t solve my problem. SpamSieve is a wonderful product and I have been using it for a long time. I will appreciate any suggestions.

Forgot to mention I am using SpamSieve 2.9.8

Aside from the freeze, is everything working normally? Please follow the instructions on the Sending in a “Sample” Report page.

Thanks for sending the sample of Mail. It appears that the delay is due to your mail server being slow when SpamSieve tells it to mark the trained messages as junk. SpamSieve does this in order to keep Mail’s built-in junk filter and any server filters “in the loop” about which messages are spam. However, you can turn off this feature (and avoid the delay) by clicking this link.


I inadvertently clicked the “clicking this link”. How do I undo that mistake?

FWIW, I reverted to a backup (done prior to my foolishness). Will that have put things to right?

Clicking this link will revert to the default setting.

A backup of what? The link only changes the preferences file. If you reverted the corpus or rules to a backup, you may need to redo any training that you did since the backup.

A backup of what?

The backup I used is a total HD backup (made with SuperDuper). So I presume the earlier preference is once again in its rightful place, or do you disagree?


As always, many thanks, Michael!