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Mail Not Fetching

I’m having an issue (with up-to-date OS and SpamSieve) where when I wake the computer Apple Mail does not fetch new mail. I click the get mail icon in the Apple Mail app, and it seems I have none. Then, a few minutes later, 3-10 new mails show up. It happened just now, I had been on the computer for a good 2-3 minutes, and suddenly the SpamSieve icon in my Dock began to flash little dots at the bottom and eight new mails showed up. This does not relate to spam, these were all “good.” I’ve restarted the computer, I run CleanMyMac weekly, but the problem continues. I’d suspect the Mail app but since I just saw the SpamSieve icon do its little thing, I’m beginning to suspect that app instead.

Anyone else having this behavior?

It’s normal to see the SpamSieve icon do its thing right before you see the messages because Mail sends the messages to SpamSieve for analysis right after it downloads them. SpamSieve has no involvement in when Mail decides to check for new messages.

If you want to temporarily disable SpamSieve for troubleshooting purposes, you can uncheck the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences.

Thank you. I guess I can start looking at the Mail app more closely as the culprit.