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Mail UI: Train as Spam removes selection


this is a UI issue when using the Train as Spam command in OS X Mail. After executing that command in Mail, there’s no longer a selection.

I am a keyboard centric person, and after training a selected message as spam from the middle of a list of emails I am going through one by one, the selection position is lost (there is none after the training as the message has been moved to the Spam folder, i.e. is no longer in the list I’m going through). To get back the selection, I have to use the cursor keys, but that starts selecting from the top or bottom of the list, not where I left off.

Comparing this with Mail’s own behaviour e.g. after sending a message to the Trash (Cmd-Backspace), the message that was previously above it is automatically selected. I’d like to have this same functionality also when using SpamSieve’s Train as Spam command (if that results in removing the selected message from the currently displayed list).

Is this possible?


This is not currently possible, but it’s a feature I’d like to add.