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MailMte import -- NSCocoaErrorDomain: 133020

New user here, nearing the end of EagleFiler trial period and on the cusp of buying. Last night I gave EF what I assumed was a big challenge – importing a massive gmail folder from Mailmate. Actually, I didn’t realize how large until this morning – over 100K messages.

I used the menu command “import > file”, navigated to the imap mail folder, and clicked ok. EF began processing the import of individual eml files. I left it running over night. This morning, the import had stalled, showing the alert: “EagleFiler could not save the library. Could not merge changes. NSCocoaErrorDomain: 133020”.

I realize now it might have been better to export the folder from MailMate in mbox format. But what should I do now? Delete library and start over?

This error is probably not related to what (or how much) you were importing. It means that some other process modified EagleFiler’s database while EagleFiler was using it. Are you perhaps syncing your library via Dropbox or iCloud Drive and opening it from more than one Mac at a time?

Both ways should work, but I do recommend using mbox for large imports as it’s much faster and more efficient.

If there’s nothing else in that library, yes I think it would be easiest to start over and do a fresh import. Otherwise, you could try rebuilding the library.

Thanks for this prompt reply.

I am indeed importing into a Dropbox folder. I paused Dropbox syncing, but continued to get the error message. So I’m now rebuilding the library with dropbox turned off. The scanning in the new library is chugging along.

It should be OK to have Dropbox syncing enabled, but the library should only be open on one Mac at a time.