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Making a Hidden EagleFiler Login Item

Some people like to have EagleFiler launch and auto-load their library when they turn on their Mac, but they don’t want to see its windows right away. This is possible by setting EagleFiler as a login item that’s hidden. Unfortunately, macOS 13 Ventura removed the Hide checkbox that was in System Preferences. System Settings only lets you add login items that are not hidden. However, you can still add a hidden login item using AppleScript. Open the Script Editor app, copy and paste in this script:

tell application "System Events"
    set _path to "/Applications/EagleFiler.app"
    make login item at end with properties {path:_path, hidden:true}
end tell

and then click the Run button. This only needs to be done once—you don’t have to save the script on your Mac.

If you already have EagleFiler as a login item in System Settings, remove it before running the script to ensure that the script can add it as hidden without failing because there is a pre-existing item.