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Mark If Spam OR Train?

I understand how the training process works, but when individual messages get past the filters, should I use “Train Spam” or “Mark If Spam” to get rid of them?

Also, how often do I need to empty the corpus and/or block/whitelists?


Which mail program are you using? I don’t think SpamSieve has had a “Mark If Spam” command for many years.

Generally speaking, you never need to touch the corpus or rule lists.

I’m using Entourage from Office '08. The scripts that are running are:

SpamSieve - Change Settings
SpamSieve - Mark If Spam
SpamSieve - Move If Spam
SpamSieve - Train Good
SpamSieve - Train Spam

Am I correct that we used to have to clear out the lists and/or corpus?

You should use the Train Spam command to train messages as spam. The “Mark If Spam” file is no longer needed and can be deleted.

It was never necessary for most users, but for people who got tons of mail, older (say, pre-2006) versions of SpamSieve would grow the corpus excessively so that sometimes it helped to reset it.

Thanks. I’ll delete that script. For what it’s worth, I did reinstall the Entourage scripts. Apparently that doesn’t remove obsolete ones?

Alos, any idea why I never received an email notification of your second reply?

That’s right. Some people were using customized versions of the old scripts, so SpamSieve errs on the side of safety and doesn’t delete them.

I don’t. When you reply, does it say under “Additional Options” that you’re subscribed to this thread? We did not receive an e-mail bounce back.

Yes. Just an anomaly, I guess. Thanks again.