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Mark spam as read

I’m wondering if I’m missing an extremely obvious way to do this, but since I started using SpamSieve again, I’ve realized that even though it’s catching most of my spam, I’m actually looking at it more than I have in the past. I don’t want to read spam, hence the reason we are all here. To get message counts off the Spam folder, I have to go into the spam folder and read them or select all and mark as read. Seems a slight inconvenience, but with the amount of spam I receive over 11 email accounts, it’s being done frequently thru-out the day. Is there a way to tell SpamSieve to mark as read anything it puts in the Spam folder? Would this be done instead thru an additional rule in Mail? Sorry if it seems a novice question, but I’ve pounded my brain hard enough the past week, and I know it’s staring me in the face.


Thank you, I knew there was a simple way to do it and I was just making it more complicated.