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marked increase in repetitive spam


Since approx September, I have had a marked increase in repetitive spam.
It seems like training these messages as spam has no effect on filtering them.
I am a “retired” physician, and, recently started getting numerous job offers all over the country. Several times a day, free credit reports, mortgage offers, home-improvemeny offers,etc keep rolling in!
Funny thing is no new spam is being sent to my spam folder
I am attaching my log for your perusal.
Appreciate some help.

This is because your mail program is not set up to filter any messages through SpamSieve. Please check the setup.

Michael- you were right, and, I am embarrassed to see that “Mail” was not set up properly.

What I do not understand, is that it was working great until the past few months.

When an update is done, does it remove the setup from before the update?

Thanks for your great program,
Bob Turkel

No. However, Mail can lose rules if the MessageRules.plist file is damaged or deleted, or perhaps if you are using MobileMe syncing and Mail thinks the rules were deleted on one of your other Macs.