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Merge Libraries

About a month ago, I went from being a one-Mac user to being a two-Mac user. In retrospect, I realized I hadn’t thought things through very well in terms of my Eagle Filer libraries. When our second Mac came, I migrated everything over to the new Mac. So now I’m filing stuff in Eagle Filer on two different computers, meaning the file I need may be on the wrong computer when I need it.

Obviously, I should have moved my Eagle Filer files over to Dropbox before migrating. Having finally come to my senses, I need to move them over now, and I have found the instructions in the manual on how to use EagleFiler and Dropbox. My problem is that I need to merge the libraries from the two computers. For example, I have a “Receipts” library (on a secure disk image) on both computers. All the items added prior to 9/1 (the migration date) should be identical. But I’ve been adding things to the Receipts libraries on both computers since, and I need the new “merged” library to contain both, and I’m not sure of the best way to do this.

I’m thinking I could 1) rename one library so they could both reside in my Dropbox account together for a brief time and 2) set up a smart folder in one to look for items added since 9/1 and 3) drag those items over to the other library.

Is there a better way to do this? Will tags stay put if I drag and drop like this?

Do you have any advice (beyond what’s in the manual) on best practices when using Dropbox and EagleFiler together? I’m particularly concerned about my ability to remember to close libraries in EagleFiler on one machine before opening them on the other.

Thanks again for such a great product. I’ve found EF to be invaluable to me in organizing work projects, financial records and the like.


I’m not sure, but that was the first solution that came to mind for me, too.

Yes, when you drag and drop between two library windows in EagleFiler, it will preserve the tags, notes, and other metadata.

I’m working on some ways to make this easier, but one option might be to go to the Security & Privacy pane in System Preferences and set your Macs to auto log out after a period of inactivity. This would have the effect of quitting EagleFiler and unmounting any encrypted disk images.