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Messages trained as Spam, are not being Trained.

I’m running Mac OS 10.8.3 and SpamSieve Version 2.9.7 with Apple’s Mail program. The “Enable Junk Mail Filtering” is not checked.

I’ve used SpamSieve for many years and love it but lately, it won’t remember what is trained. If I select a message and “Train as Spam,” the message goes into the Spam folder just like it’s supposed to. But it never remembers it the next time. No matter how many times I “train” it, the training isn’t remembered. Any ideas as to why it suddenly won’t work and how I can get it working again? Thank You.

When there’s a sudden change like this, it usually has nothing to do with the training. That is, the problem usually isn’t that SpamSieve isn’t learning, but rather that Mail has stopped asking it to filter the messages. Please see Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam?.

Thank You
I had checked those instructions but I guess I didn’t look in the right place. For some reason, the SpamSieve rule had vanished. I have recreated the rule and hopefully that will fix the problem. Thank you for your help. It really is a great program!