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Minor issue typing in new tags

I was adding some tags to some items in EagleFiler just now and I ran into a minor annoyance. The autocompletion of tag names changes the case of what you’re typing to match the suggestion and then leaves it that way after you’ve typed in more unique characters.

I selected an item and then clicked on the tag bar at the bottom to add a tag. I was trying to add the tag “Firewall”. As it happens, the only existing tag that starts with an “f” is the original “flagged” tag (notice the lower case f). When I typed “F” (upper case) for Firewall EagleFiler automatically changed it to lower case “f” and suggested flagged. Once I hit the “i” for Firewall the autocompletion stopped suggesting flagged but left the f in lower case. Backspacing and typing “F” just repeats the cycle. The only way to get it back to upper case is to leave enough characters typed in so that “flagged” wouldn’t be suggested and then use the arrow keys to move back to the f and change the case. This actually happened for several other tags I was trying to add (e.g. MAME wound up as MaME because it suggested Mac).

Not earth shattering, but annoying. Especially if you’re not paying close attention.

This is a known issue that has to do with the way Mac OS X’s auto-completion engine works. You might prefer to use the CaseSensitiveTagCompletion esoteric preference so that “flagged” isn’t suggested when you type “F”.

Thanks. I can live with it as-is.